Voice & Speech Training & Development / Speech Coaching:

Everything you need to know to improve your Voice & Speaking abilities for a Confident Speaking Voice & Vocal Image; Customized Programs to Modulate Sound, Tone & Resonance; Eliminate any Vocal Flaws or Speech Problems that may undermine your Confidence; Project with Power & Energy -Sharpen Speech Clarity & Articulation; Regulate Pacing & Rate-of-Speech; Expand Vocal Range, Flexibility & Expression; Build Language & Vocabulary Skills to communicate your thoughts and ideas confidently and effectively; Strategies to advance your Career.... and so much more.

Public Speaking & Presentation Skills Training

Designed for Professionals , at all levels, to create Dynamic Presentations & Speeches for Conventions, Meetings & Panel Discussions; Charismatic Stage Presence; Establishing Trust, Credibility & Authority; Engage & Captivate your Audience; Eliminate Stress or Nervousness; Project with Power & Energy; Performance Technique; Sharpen Speech Clarity & Articulation; Regulate Pacing & Rate-of-Speech; Expand Vocal Range, Flexibility & Expression; Control Body Language, Gestures, Eye contact; Content Organization & Preparation; Working with PowerPoint or Keynotes, and so much more....

Executive Speech Coaching: 

Advanced Tools & Techniques for Executives, Business Owners, CEO's, Entrepreneurs, Management & Professionals from all industries; Executive Speech & Vocal Technique; Executive Presence & Vocal Image; Establishing Trust, Credibility & Authority; Modulating Sound, Tone & Resonance for rich, deep quality; Projecting with Power, Energy & Conviction; Sharpen Speech Clarity & Articulation; Regulate Pacing & Rate of Speech; Smooth, Seamless Delivery & 'Flow'; Expanding Vocal Range, Flexibility & Expressiveness; Using Language & Vocabulary Skills to Influence, Persuade & Motivate; Strategies for Meetings, Presentations, Discussions, etc....... and much more.

Accent Reduction & Modification:

Custom-designed Programs for professionals from all over the world to speak with confidence and be easily understood: Accent Reduction & Modification; Projecting with Energy & Clarity; Correct Pronunciation; Consonant Sounds, Vowels, & Stressed Syllables; Modulating Sound, Tone & Resonance; Strengthen Speech Clarity & Articulation; Regulate Pacing & Rate-of-Speech; Expanding Vocal Range, Expression & Flexibility; Language, Grammar & Vocabulary Skills to express thoughts and ideas clearly, accurately and with confidence.

Media & Broadcast Speech Technique: 

Customized for Media Professionals, Broadcasters, Performers, Authors, Actors, Voiceover Artists as well as Executives & Professionals from all walks of life; Broadcast Speech Technique; Radio & Television; Cable, Press Conferences, Promos, Webcasts, Webinars & Video Recording; On-Air Recording Sessions; Smooth, Seamless Delivery; Clarity & Articulation; Adapting Pacing, Rate of Speech & Timing; Studio & Microphone; Script Analysis & Breakdown; Working with Copy; Personal & Professional Style & Image.....

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