One-on-One Coaching Sessions -

One-on-One speech training programs are designed to address your individual needs, goals and objectives.  We usually begin with your initial Consultation and a full, comprehensive Voice & Speech Assessment:

Your Private Consultation:
  • A complete, in-depth Voice Analysis & Speech Evaluation to identify your individual Needs.
  • Discuss any weak spots, or specific problems or vocal issues that are of concern to you.
  • Review your current professional status, position, and personal career Goals and Objectives.
  • What you want to accomplish with the Training in order to achieve all of your Goal Posts!
  • Discuss Changes & Methodology for optimum growth and development of full Vocal Potential. 
  • Review and Select all elements to be included in the Training. View options Speech Classes
  • Defining your Personal & Professional Style & Image; Establishing Confidence & Presence!
  • Materials included: Voicepower Booklet, Audio Tape, Scripts, Personal Voice Assessment.
  • Recommendations, Suggestions & Strategies for you to achieve all desired Training Results!

Your Training Sessions: 

  • Active customized sessions to eliminate self-consciousness, build high-level Confidence!
  • Reduce stress, anxiety or nervousness; Identify weaknesses and build on your strengths.
  • Develop Tools & Techniques to become a self-assured Speaker, Presenter, Communicator. 
  • Exercises & Training Routines for Projection, Clarity, Articulation, Pacing & Rate of Speech
  • Advanced Techniques for Expression, Establishing Presence, Credibility & Authority.
  • Program adjustments to achieve desired levels of Development, Progress & Advancement.
  • Coordinating Training Elements for congruent Growth & Development of 10-Key Focus Points.
  • All Materials included: VP Training Manual, Audio Tapes, Scripts, Training Schedules, etc.
  • View current available Rates & Package Options to make your selection: Speech Courses
  • Select Course & Package Option that fits your Schedule & Budget for optimum results!! 

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