• YOUR VOICE is one of the most valuable Tools you have to express yourself to Persuade, Influence & Motivate others!  It is a vital component of who you are, so, it only makes sense to take care of it and know how to use it correctly and effectively to develop lifetime skills that will create the Image & Impression you wish to communicate to others. When you invest in your Voice you're investing in your Future!
  • WHO BENEFITS  If you use your voice extensively for Sales, Teleconference, Customer Service, etc; You feel  self-conscious when you Speak; Lack Confidence; Frequently participate in Meetings & Conference Calls and your Voice sounds weak and  tires easily; You Teach, Lecture or conduct Training Seminars; You're in the process of Interviewing; Starting a new Job; Got a Promotion; Starting a new Business; Changing Careers; Preparing for Graduation or Transitioning from College to Workplace....  So  many situations when you need your Voice to work to your advantage!
  • PROGRAMS are streamlined to easily fit into your busy schedule and adapted for professionals from all businesses and industries, at all career levels. Our successful clients come from many fields and include: Executives, CEO's, Entrepreneurs; Banking & Finance; Attorneys; Technology Experts; Sales Professionals; Engineers; Hospitality; Healthcare; Manufacturing; Real Estate; Broadcast & Media Professionals, etc.........
  • PROBLEMS We use a combination of Specialized Training Techniques to achieve optimum results for each person based on specific needs, requirements & priorities and to correct any vocal issues or concerns you may have. Each Program is personalized to fit your Position & Profession and what you want to achieve with the training.

  • THE VOICEPOWER TRAINING MANUAL Created in 1999 The VP Training Manual & System is the foundation to all of the Training Programs and covers the essential '10-Key Points' for all elements of Voice & Speech Training & Development to achieve all stated Skills, Training Goals & Objectives.
  • YOUR SPEECH COACH  A Voice Specialist, Executive Speech Coach & Consultant, with 25+ years' Broadcast & Media experience, Helen Cutting works One-on-One  with each client to ensure Success, Correct any speaking  problems, build on Personal Strengths & achieve optimum results together with a new level of self-awareness & Confidence.
  • YOUR PERSONAL EVALUATION  Individualized Training Routines & Speech Training Schedules designed exclusively for each client with Assignments at each step of the way to Progressively & Systematically become a Confident, seff-assured Speaker, Presenter & Communicator at all levels.

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