Online Training Courses -  Learn how to improve your Voice & Speaking Skills and build self-confidence to advance your career and professional opportunities!  Our streamlined, highly effective Online Training Courses enable you to work at your own pace, from your desktop, laptop or mobile device, with Online Support from your Coach to guarantee your success, both professionally and personally! 

The Professional Voice & Speech Training Course:   $65.00 - Advanced Training Tools & Techniques to improve Voice & Speaking Skills. Includes Training Materials, Instructions, Routines, VP Manual, 10-Point Training System + AUDIO Demos. To order, please click below:

The Online Speech Training Course:  $45.00  - Customized Online Training Course with Three Training Modules, VP Manual & 10-Step Training System, Instructions, Routines + AUDIO Demos. To order, please click below:

The Voicepower Complete Online Training Program:  $29.00 - The VP Manual, 10-Step Training System, 3 Training Segments, Instructions, Routines & Schedules + AUDIO.  To order, please click below:

The Voicepower e-Workbook:  $15.00 - The VP e-Workbook + 10-Point Training System with AUDIO Recording, Training Planners, Worksheets & Instructions. To order, please click below: