Our Clients

Our clients are professionals from all walks of life: Small Business Owners, CEO's, Executives, Lawyers, Financial & Investment Bankers & Brokers, Entrepreuners, Manufacturing & Transportation Industries, Technology & IT Experts, Sales & Marketing Professionals, Motivational Speakers, Media & Broadcast Personalities, Healthcare Providers, Architects & Real Estate Agents, Food Chain Suppliers, as well as professional Actors, and so many more.  Here is what some of them have to say:


"My experience with VoicePower was incredible!  Immediately, when I walked into Helen's office, her energy was full and I started to feel comfortable right off the bat.  Then, I began speaking, slurred my words and even occasionally stuttered, because speaking was never my 'forte."  Helen helped me master this to the point that I have now spoken in front of 200+ people!  Helen has given me a voice, and I have learned to never mumble!  Thanks, Helen!"  Matt Strauss / Venture Connects.

"I absolutely recommend Helen's Voice & Speech coaching programs!  I have gained great confidence with my voice quality and speech delivery in just a few weeks of training.  I am so impressed with the results and her effective training methods.  Thank you, Helen!" Katherine Ma / Entrepreneur

"It was such a pleasure working with you over the last 10 weeks.  Now that I know the aspects of vocal agility and have had the opportunity to practice with you, I feel so much more confident in speaking in all situations.  I feel like a butterfly that has just spread her wings! I feel liberated from whatever had been holding me back in the past.  Thank you so much. Marisa Warren / Marketing Professional.

"Helen, I want to thank you for the great job you've done coaching me!  I really enjoyed it and have made great progress! Liya Shishkhanova / International Food Products

"I''m told that my webinar was a great success and I actually enjoyed myself! A co-worker whom I trust told me that I was 'awesome' and assumed I had done this before as I was a 'natural speaker'.  If she only knew!  Thank you for giving me the techniques to ease my anxiety and represent my company well.  You're great at what you do!   Melissa R / Publishing 

"Thanks for all your great work on my voice and presentation skills.  I learned so much from you and I'm trying to apply it every day!"  Craig McClure / NRG Agency Choice Technology 
"I wanted to, again, thank you for the skills you provided by which to expand the opportunities I'm encountering.   I continue to build on the exercises enabling the  confidence needed to meet challenges...... it has made a vast improvement in presentation and dialogue.  It's with assurance I'm able to display your success"  Diane Goldin / International Conference Speaker
"I just wanted to thank you for all your help!  You are a delight and a real pro and I look forward to working with you on future projects"  Vic Conant / Nightingale
"Just a note to tell you that my presentation went very well.... I was calm and confident.... Thank you for your insights and suggestions for making the presentation such a success"  Laura Bleiler / Northwestern  
"Helen's coaching has allowed me to approach public speaking with confidence and poise.  Her techniques are both simple and creative, tailored to each individual's needs.  In a short amount of time, Helen found the best way to bring out the best in me.   I am very grateful and strongly recommend her services."  Robert Gramillano / Personal Life Coach

"My stage fright was eased by the smiling faces.......Although the presentation seemed simple, I can't thank you enough for your help with it.  You keyed in on exactly what I needed, including psychological support on giving presentations....."  Barbara Honorow / Worldnet

"Helen, I have to tell you that my speech was a mega success.  Everone loved it!  ... I'm enjoying my new celebtrity status!  I really enjoyed working with you."  Merlyn Fruin / Speaker
" Helen, I wanted to share some feedback..... during a phone meeting someone commented that my voice sounded calm, confident and passionate....... and was amazed that  I'd never been told anything positive about my voice!  .... these qualities that are so important,  particularly in my work.... Thanks to your training I have advanced this far in my journey........"  P. Morgan / Chicago
"This training is one of the best things I have done for my career thus far!  Helen is very good at bringing out your best voice!  The things I have learned from her will stay with me in all aspects of my work.  Thank you, Helen!"  Megan McCarthy, Entrepreuner / Food & Wine Specialist.

 "She showed me how to lower my voice in range, how to breathe from the diaphragm, when to take pauses and how to place my tongue for better enunciation......My voice is stronger now.  I need that to talk with my patients and to lecture"  Tim Weselak, Chiropractor / Chicago Tribune, April 2005.

"..... I wanted to let you know what a difference you have made .... Since taking just three lessons from you, I have received praise on how far I have come in such a short period of time."  Leane Mackenzie / National Seminars

"A great learning experience!  On a scale of 1 - 5, an 8!"  Copywriter / Leo Burnett Company.

"Excellent, I give it 'two thumbs up!'  Art Director / Leo Burnett Company Workshop

"Let me say it was an absolute pleasure working with you.  I have seen incredible results in the way I present to executive audiences, the way I project across a meeting room, and just general conversation tone due to our sessions.  I will continue to practice, and will gladly refer new clients to your service..." Aveek Guha / Lawyer

"Just wanted to let you know that the panel discussion went very well.... I used your training when asking questions and was approached after one of the meetings........impressed with my questions... resulting in a business opportunity.  Your training helped with my thinking about the business and presenting myself as much as preparing for the panel! "  Steve Bell / Business Consultant.

"Helen, you are exceptionally skilled at what you do and I thank you for helping me to connect with that strong confident voice that had been hiding inside of me for far too long"  Willa Mogan, Information Technology Consultant / IBM

"Helen, thank you so much for helping me ..... I appreciate everything you have taught me..... Each lesson with you was so valuable to me....." Kim Tada / Speaker

"For the first time in my life I can really be myself -- outgoing, outspoken and confidend.  Taking your classes is by far the best investment and the best gift I have ever given myself"  Dina Arvanitakis / Lawyer

"Her name is Helen Cutting.  In her classes you will learn how to really do many things that you thought you could already do! ..... The things learned will forever stand you in good stead"  David Cormalleth / Voiceover - Live Oak, Inc.

...... Ms. Siu learned to control her breathing, modulate her voice and pace herself.  "I've learned to take pauses between sentences.... This certainly has given me more confidence"  Woon-Wah Siu - Lawyer / Crain's Chicago Business, February 2006.



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