TELEPHONE COACHING provides an excellent alternative and highly effective solution for Voice & Speech Coaching when you're unable to attend in person, live at a distance, travel, have schedule conflicts, or just prefer the convenience of working remotely via telephone from home, office or on the road and focus more directly on what you want to achieve.
BENEFITS:  Business Voice Coaching & Speech Training for Companies & Professionals, from all types of industries and at all levels. Ideal Training for: Sales, Customer Service, Telemarketing, Teleconference & Phone; Improve & Upgrade Voice and Speaking skills; Prepare for Presentations, Meetings or Interviews.  Whatever the situation, Telephone coaching gives you the freedom and flexibility to achieve your training goals, advance your career and professional opportunities!

TO GET STARTED:   Select a course from below that works best for you, or to discuss further please contact us at: or call 312-527-1809 to book your first training session. Start today!

Telephone Coaching / Series-of-3 Training Sessions:   $255.00 / 3 1-hour Private Training Sessions + Materials.  To order click below:

Telephone Coaching / Series-of-5 Training Sessions;  $400.00 / 5 1-hour Private Training Sessions + Materials.  To order, click below:

Telephone Coaching / Series-of-10 Training Sessions:  $750.00 / 10 1-hour Private Training Sessions + Materials.  To order, click below: