Many people experience these common Voice & Speech problems that are easily remedied --

  •      You often feel nervous and anxious before meetings, interviews, or presentations.
  •      Have a fear of Public Speaking or sense of panic when speaking in front of groups.
  •      Frequently asked: "What did you say?" or to "Speak up," or "Can't hear you!"
  •      Feel self-conscious about the way you speak or feel that you may have a 'problem.'
  •      You don't like the way your voice sounds! It's nasaly, raspy, whiny, too aggressive!
  •      Your voice is too soft or young sounding; too loud, high-pitched or flat, monotone!
  •      You're shy or introverted by nature and often have difficulty communicating effectively.
  •       Frequently mumble and swallow your words and don't enunciate your words clearly!
  •      Speaking too rapidly, too slowly; Often losing your train of thought or concentration.
  •      Not speaking confidently with assertiveness during your presentations or meetings!
  •      Difficulty with important phone communications or conference calls, webinars, etc.
  •      Not interviewing well or presenting yourself confidently. People not returning calls.
  •      Not communicating effectively or projecting with Confidence, Authority and Clarity.
  •      Voice NOT working to your advantage and may be holding you back in your career! 

These are the results you will achieve with the Voicepower Training Programs & Courses --

  •      Learn to Modulate your Voice for a rich, warm sounding Tone, Quality & Resonance!
  •      Eliminate feelings of stress, panic or nervousness when speaking in front of others.
  •      Relax, speak Smoothly, Confidently in meetings or groups; Engage your Audience!
  •      Sharpen Clarity, Articulation; Regulate Pacing, Rate-of-Speech to be easily understood.
  •      Correct any Vocal Flaws or Speech 'Issues' that cause you to feel 'self-conscious'
  •      Overcome feelings of reserve or shyness to become Confident, Outgoing, Successful!
  •      Give smooth, polished, flawless Presentations; Take effective control during meetings. 
  •      Lower vocal Pitch, expand Range & Expression for a natural sounding Vocal Delivery
  •      Speak with Presence, Authority, Clarity, Articulation and Project with Enthusiasm!
  •      Successfully communicate your Ideas & Strategies; Negotiate confidently, skillfully.
  •      Persuade!  Influence!  Motivate!  Sell your products and ideas with Conviction!
  •      Interview with confidence, poise. Change Careers! Get a Promotion!  Find a new job!
  •      Make your voice work to YOUR advantage in your life, Professionally & Personally.
  •      Learn how to be that confident Speaker, Presenter & Communicator YOU want to be!

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