Frequent Speech Problems or Vocal Issues that are easily corrected:
  •      Fear of Public Speaking, sense of Panic when speaking in front of Groups.
  •      Frequenly asked: "What did you say?" or to "Speak up," "Can't hear you."
  •      Self-conscious and uncomfortable when called on to speak in Meetings.
  •      Not liking their Voice: It's sounds Nasaly, Raspy, Whiny or  too Aggressive!
  •      Voice too Soft, young sounding, too Loud, High-Pitched, Flat, Monotone.
  •      Shy, Introverted personality; Uncomfortable Communicating Ideas Aloud.
  •      Mumbling, swallowing words, not Enunciating Clearly to be understood.
  •      Speaking too Rapidly or too Slowly; Losing Focus or Concentration.
  •      Not speaking Confidently & Assertively during Meetings or Interviews.
  •      Problems with Executive Communications, Conference Calls, Webinars.
  •      Vocal Image limits Career & Professional Advancement & Opportunities

Solutions & Achievable Results with Voicepower Training  --

  •      A warm, rich sounding Speaking Voice Tone, Quality & Resonance.
  •      Eliminate stress, panic or nervousness when speaking to Groups.
  •      Learn to Breathe, Relax, Speak with Confidence & Self-Assurance.
  •      Sharpen Clarity & Articulation; Regulate Pacing & Rate-of-Speech.
  •      Eliminate Vocal Flaws or 'Issues' that undermine your Confidence.
  •      Overcome Shyness to become Confident, Outgoing, Successful!
  •      Smooth, Polished Presentation Skills, Body Language & Presence.
  •      Communicate Ideas & Strategies; Negotiate Confidently & Skillfully.
  •      Persuade!  Influence!  Motivate!  Speak with Conviction & Confidence.
  •      Define your own Vocal Image & Professional Style to be successful.   

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