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'How really to act the part '

Some lawyers prefer one-on-one coaching.  Helen Cutting, a Chicago voice coach, works with lawyers looking to improve their public speaking skills in private.

"A lot of young lawyers want to build their self-confidence," says Ms. Cutting, who has been coaching lawyers, broadcasters and business executives for 25 years.  One of her clients is Woon-Wah Siu, a corporate lawyer with Bell Boyd and Lloyd LLC in Chicago....... Ms. Siu wanted to speak more clearly and assertively during client meetings.... She learned to control her breathing, modulate her voice and pace herself....."I've learned to take pauses between sentences... this has certainly given me more confidence."

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'How to be Heard - Speak up, Brother'

If you long for that deep, authoritative voice that proclaims your masculinity and alpha-male status, there is hope.  So says Helen Cutting, a Chicago voice and speech coach and consultant who helps people remedy their vocal flaws, helping them speak in a powerful, persuasive, resonant voice.  After all, voice training isn't just for singers.

"Most of my clients are men........ I help them enunciate, to overcome nervousness and self-consciousness when speaking.  Very important also is learning to relax when speaking.  Only by relaxing can you access your energy and your full body voice."

"Breath control is the foundation of effective speaking...... but voices can't change overnight.  It's a gradual process."

Tim Weselak, 28, a chiropractor, is a former client of Cuttings.  "She showed me how to lower my voice in range, how to breathe from the diaphragm, when to take pauses and how to place my tongue for better enunciation," he said. "My voice is stronger now.  I need that to talk with my patients and to lecture........"

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'Training the voice'

Other lawyers opt for a more intensive approach.  Helen Cutting is a British trained thespian and former voice-over actor who now works as a personal voice coach.  "People call me for a reason.  They're self-conscious about the way their voice sounds.. Not everyone can have a big, booming voice, but we can work to access the full hidden potential of their voice, strengthen its tone and quality"

"My clients are overwhelmingly men" she says.  "I get CEOs, investment bankers, big firm partners.  They tend to be perfectionists and they want a voice of authority........... I customize a different program for each person.... and we find a speaking style that's right for that person.  It's especially important for my lawyer clients.  An attorney can be brilliant at what he does, but that can all be wasted if he goes before a jury with a whiny, nasally voice."

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Helen Cutting regards voiceover as just part of what she does.  Her Voicepower Training Programs include: Voice and Speech Training, Public Speaking, Accent Reduction and Communications skills.  She offers a 'practical approach based on the individual.'  Her training also includes the business aspects of voiceover, including how to make yourself more marketable and how to use your voice as a product.... She describes the voiceover industry as being very competitive, but that 'there's always a need for new voices..... adding 'the profession can be very lucrative if one is successful.'