The Professional Online Voice & Speech Training Course:

Advanced Level Tools & Techniques for Professional Voice & Speech Training & Development, including:  VP Manual+10-Point Training System, Instructions, Vocal Exercises & Routines, Projection, Modulating Sound & Resonance, Clarity & Articulation, Correcting Speech Problems + AUDIO Recordings (MP3).

The Online Speech Training Course:

Straight-forward, effective Online Voice & Speech Training Course to improve Voice & Speaking Skills: VP Manual+10-Point Training System, Complete Instructions, Exercises & Routines, Projection, Modulating Sound, Tone & Resonance, Clarity & Articulation, Range & Expression + AUDIO Recordings (MP3).
The Complete Course: VP Manual + 10-Point Training System, 3 Training Segments + AUDIO recorded directions (MP3), Instructions, Exercises, Routines & Schedules.  A Comprehensive Home Study Course.

The Voicepower e-Workbook:

An accelerated Training Course co-ordinated with VP Manual & 10-Point Training System + AUDIO (MP3) Workbooks + Instructions, Content Organization & Preparation for Presentations, Meetings, Interviews, etc.