On-Site Group Workshops & Training Sessions -

ON-SITE Workshops and Training Sessions are available and custom-designd to meet specific company Training Goals and Objectives for each group.  Programs include:

Voice & Speech Training -

Techniques to improve the voice quality and speaking skills of each participant and build self-confidence for Telephone use, Telemarketing and Customer Services, etc. Training sessions include: Learning to Modulate vocal Sound and Tonal quality for a warm, professional Vocal Image; Projecting with Energy; Sharpening Speech Clarity & Articulation; Regulating Pacing and Rate-of-Speech to be clearly understood; Developing effective strategies for all day-to-day communications.

Public Speaking & Presentation Skills -

Speech Coaching and Presentation Skills Training Techniques to speak with confidence and authority to groups of all sizes, types, and at all levels; Eliminating any stress, anxiety or nervousness; Adapting Vocal Delivery and Style for different types of groups and environments; Strengthening Vocal Projection, Clarity & Articulation; Regulating Pacing and Rate-of-Speech; Organizing & Preparing Content & Format for smooth, flawless Presentation for PowerPoint or other visuals; Developing Personal & Professional Style & Image.

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