Voice & Speech Training for Business -

Voice Coaching & Speech Training Programs for Companies and Business Professionals from all types of Industries, and at all levels, to achieve Company requirements. The following represents the basic Training Principles of each type of Course and further adapted to your specification.

Voice & Speech Training & Development -

Techniques to improve the Vocal Image & Communication Skills of each participant and build confidence for Telephone use, Telemarketing, Sales, Customer Services, etc. Training sessions include: Modulating Sound and Tonal quality for a warm, professional Vocal Image; Projecting with Energy; Sharpening Speech Clarity & Articulation; Regulating Pacing and Rate-of-Speech to be clearly understood; Developing effective strategies for all day-to-day communications.

Public Speaking & Presentation Skills Training -

Speech Coaching & Presentation Skills Training Techniques to speak with Confidence and Authority to groups of all sizes, types, and at all levels; Eliminate any stress, anxiety or nervousness; Adapting Vocal Style & Delivery for different Groups and Environments; Projection, Speech Clarity & Articulation; Pacing & Rate-of-Speech; Body Language, Gestures, Eye Contact; Organization & Preparation of Content & Format for smooth, seamless "Flow";  Using PowerPoint or other Visuals; Professional Style & Presence.

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