Select the Course that will work best for you to achieve your Training Goals & Objectives and also fits your schedule availability & budget. We usually begin with an in-depth Consultation, or you may want to go directly to your Course, whichever YOU prefer:  

The Master Series-of-10 Course - This is a custom-designed and in-depth Training Course ideal for Executives, CEO's, Business Owners, Attorneys, Entrepreneurs, Technology Experts, Physicians & Professionals from all types of business and industries, and at all levels, who wish to reach their full potential to be successful and to achieve specific Goals and Objectives, professionally and personally.  The Master Course provides a progressive, systematic and complete comprehensive Training Program with optimum results to guarantee your success!

Executive Series-of-5 Course - This is an accelerated Training Course that condenses the key essential Tools & Techniques and designed to improve your Speech & Communication Skills to build confidence and to accomplish all Training Goals & Objectives. This is an excellent alternative if you need to work within a specific time frame and/or have schedule or budget constraints but need to achieve the very best results possible.  The Training focuses intensively on your immediate needs and requirements.  

Professional Series-of-3 Course - This is a streamlined Course, designed exclusively to achieve the very best results in a limited time-frame.  An ideal choice if you need to prepare for an upcoming Speaking Event, Presentation, Convention, Media appearance, Panel Discussion, Job Interviews, or want to focus on one specific issue or concern you may have.