Select the Course that will work best for you to achieve your Training Goals & Objectives and also fits your schedule availability & budget. We usually begin with an in-depth Consultation for complete Voice Analysis & Speech Evaluation and to discuss your training requirements, or choose to go directly to your Course:  

The Master Series-of-10 Course - Custom-designed and in-depth Training Course for Executives, CEO's, Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Attorneys, IT Professionals, Physicians & Professionals from all walks of life and at all levels, to achieve Professional & Personal Goals and Objectives.  The Master Course provides a progressive and comprehensive Training Program with optimum results to guarantee your success. 

Executive Series-of-5 Course - An accelerated Training Course that condenses the key essential Tools & Techniques to build your self-confidence and to accomplish all Training Goals & Objectives. Perfect solution if you have schedule or budget limitations but want to achieve maximum results within your time frame.

Professional Series-of-3 Course - A streamlined Course if you need to prepare for an upcoming Speech, Presentation, Convention, Media Event, Panel Discussion, or wish to focus on a specific issue.