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The Professional Voice & Speech Training Course:   $75.00 - Advanced Training Tools & Techniques for Professionals to strengthen Voice & Speaking abilities. Includes Training Materials, Instructions, Exercise Routines, VP Manual + 10-Point Training System + AUDIO Demos. To order, please click below:

The Online Speech Training Course:  $55.00  - Personalized Online Training Course with three separate Training Modules, VP e-Manual+10-Step Training System, Instructions, Exercise Routines + AUDIO Demos for each module. To order, please click below:

The Voicepower Complete Online Training Program:  $35.00 - The VP e-Manual + 10-Step Training System, with 3 Training Segments, Instructions, Exercise Routines & Schedules + AUDIO Recording.  To order, please click below:

The Voicepower e-Workbook:  $25.00 - The VP e-Workbook + 10-Point Training System with AUDIO Recording, PLUS Training Planners, Worksheets & full Instructions. To order, please click below: